Wilderkids of New Zealand

There's something about the wilderness that is very nostalgic for me. I spent my early childhood growing up in the remote hills of Northland, New Zealand.  My parents fully embraced the DIY and sustainable living ethos during that time; tending to their own small piece of land and building their own home. We had chickens and goats and our land backed onto a river surrounded by native bush. Making tree huts with bailing twine and punga fronds, rock hopping along river beds and collecting wild black berries were all normal after-school activities. I have very fond memories of exploring the natural world that was around me.

Though my lifestyle, as a adult is quite different from that of my childhood, I want to make sure I savor the adventures I have with my own family (however occasional they may be), and intentionally provide opportunities for my children to enjoy the natural world around them.