Celebrate the little things.

As winter approaches, for those of us with small children, the change of season means (among other things) snot & coughing,  being up in the night to snot & coughing, daily battles to keep warm clothing on our small people as they dance around outside, stripping off layers, professing they are too hot... And thus the cycle of snot, coughing & broken sleep continues.

So when I post photos like these of my beloved small people, I remind myself, and you, to celebrate the little things. Enjoy the moments between the rain, the snot & the coughing. Make the most of your back yard and this fleeting stage of life.

It was one of those days this week. Cabin fever was setting in. We just had to get outside, so I gave the kids each a zip bag and set them an impromptu nature scavenger hunt. We collected leaves of red and gold, flowers of purple and white, clovers, ferns and dandelions. We danced and sang and watched the grey clouds rumble in.

I could say it was one of those perfect parenting moments, But what I didn't photograph was when we'd walked the furthest from home, both kids needed to poo. I didn't have toilet paper so I found myself frantically scavenging for appropriate foliage as the kids squatted. Then the rain settled in.

As a parent, you'll know the feeling all so well. Moments of pure joy and then sh** happens. So we just deal with it and move on. Let's remember to celebrate the little things.